Brooke Bennett-Manas

A few weeks ago My boyfriend received a hand written note in our mail box for him to call someone he used to know. Both of us being curious, he send a text, and was given the Real number to contact Brooke Bennet-Manas. She lives in Nevada now and used to live in Tulsa. She was an ex lover of my boyfriends. I found out that she was married herself, but had concerns why she would be reaching out to my bf after 10 years. She stated it was for a get together people at their old work were having but it was a lie. They both were recalling old times, she stated that she wanted him back. Would kick her husband out and he and OUR CHILD can move in with her. I left my boyfriend because of his continued conversations with this woman. They were having a phone conversation and I couldnt stand to hear it. So I left. When I returned later that night to gather my belongings, I was robbed at gun point on my front door step. With that experience, My boyfriend and I were starting to have conversation again, now that something so scary happened, you can reflect on what is really important. We moved that weekend and he told her to not contact him any more. The contact continued. She continued to persue him through text and calls. But She would not call him directly most of the time. She had her friend Hillary Gove three way the call and then they would use a group text app to communicate. So there are few call/text records directly tying her to his number. He finally came clean to me that while we are moving into a new home, and starting over, there were continued conversations. She still wanted him to leave me and take our child to Las Vegas where they can live. So I found her husband and told him. I hope that he divorces her and takes everything. Why would someone try to take everything from someone they dont even know. I guess its easier that way. Hillary Gove and Brooke Bennett-Manas eay some S!

Edwin Eddie Pellot

Lies about everything like age, hidden agendas, his wife, he makes himself out to be the victim & pretends in general – he’s a good guy. Makes up stories such as a sick grandmother & makes teary eyes. He’s turning 53 & said he was in his 40’s, made up a medical report to reflect his wrong age, & holds a fake id. Says he loves u, but cheats including eyeing others, cyber cheating, taking women to hotels, says favors are for his male friends, but is actually for a woman. Tells his friends bad things of u, & is very spiteful. He’s a deputysherrif, in L.I.C., wants to live with u so he can save $$$ & still carry about like an unfaithful teen. Showers u with gifts to shut u up. Never admits his wrongs, to him all is a 1 way street, even if ur the 1 with the right to be angry & not him. Selfishness becomes him. He’s evil & says he goes to church. I’ve never even seen where he lives, but know he moves around a lot. His ex-wife left him for another cuz he did this & more. I applaud her. pilot718 @ is his email who belonged to another perverted friend of his. If ur not happy with him & give him none he says u’ve got a libido problem. Never mind that there were trust issues & he wasn’t attractive to begin with. His tantrums were such a turn off, so I never got to really have feelings for him, although I was faithful & caring. I thought he was a good person, but my doubts were many & without looking proved them all. A women’s instinct should never be ignored. He’d say my problem is that I settle. He was right about that. Why did I settle for him? What a waste & how I regret not checking things out b4. I let him go & so he decides to bad talk me. He’s got herpes & didn’t tell me til I saw disgusting marks I didn’t touch. Control freak. Thinks if he can boss people around at work, he should be the controller in the relationship & it’s a competition. I’m glad I didn’t get an apt. with him like we planned. I’m with a good guy now, but warning u on this dirty ………..cheater.

Bria Fife

Bria Fife is a habitual cheater
She is what they call a hoe
When Tim McGreck was in Texas she cheated with him as her boyfriend was trying to call them both on the phone. Tim McGreck is a cheater and a liar also. Tim was her boyfriends best friend that she cheated with. Calls to both of the phones were not answered because they were to busy to talk. She would go over to Tim’s grandmas house everyday and meet him. Tim’s mother was in the hospital and the doctors said she was knocking on deaths door but instead Bria and Tim chose to fool around. Bria Fife has been constantly unfaithful in her relationship making a new excuse for every instance of infidelity. Sleeping with other guy’s or even just flirting to elicit sexual contact. The course of her infidelity has led her to contract an STD, she won’t admit it or get tested. She also won’t tell any of her unsuspecting victims as she acts like someone is just being vindictive towards her.

Homer Romar Alexander

He is currently living in Columbus, Georgia. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
His birthday is 09/05/1977 so he is a Virgo. He works at Rooms to Go in Columbus, Georgia he is the store manager. He is a Narcissist. He lies all the time, he doesn’t know a lie from the truth.
Lies about love, doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. Sleeps with nasty skank ****es, all while swearing his love to another. All around piece of ****, scumbag.

Greg Cobble, Knoxville, Tennessee

Greg Cobble is a lying cheat who is married with a wife and two little girls. He has cheated on every woman he has ever been with. He picks up women in local bars who have low self esteem and does his little con routine. He looks for desperate women who will let him move right in with them and does not leave one until he has another one lined up. He is a sick person and does not care who he hurts to get what he wants. He has hurt his family over and over and over, especially his little girl who is special needs. This guy is trouble and leaves you with more than you realize when he is done with you!!!! If you meet this guy, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!

Antwon D Hobbs/ Casper/ Twon

Ladies I bout ta tell something that I hope u listen to cuz I jst got finish darting a dude name Twon but he goes by da name Casper n he lied ta me bout being married n den lied ta me bout having kids plus he lied too me about our whole relationship n we suppose ta been together since May of last year den lied too his wife about me n we was suppose too be friends but we was still sleeping together n he wanted too bring her too my house n ta stay wit me nd he cheated o her with another chick other then me den want to ask me for money all the time saying u suppose ta go to work well right now he’s not working so don’t fall for dat n how he single but his bm is black mailing h ta merry her so she won’t file don’t fall for dat or I need some money too get my scripts aka some medications don’t fall for that either n he also stolen some of my bank cards and took all the money off and never returned them and he took my tablet and he looks like this and thank you
Thank You

Bria Fife

Bria Fife is a cheater she cheated on her boyfriend and in the process caught an STD. Bria slept with her boyfriends best friend after he told her a bunch of bs. She didn’t check to verify the information she just ran with it. Bria has slept with more than one person during the relationship she is a slut.

Jodie Refalo

Jodie Van Ravenstein was never sexually abused. She may have been under her real name of Jodie Refalo. This comes from a woman who accused her step father of molesting her. She had made sexual advances to her step father, who asked her on several occasions to stop as her action were inappropriate. She used to expose herself to to any male figure. She threatened him that if he would not give her money she would get him into trouble. He dismissed her comments and didn’t think anything would come of it. He was wrong. Even though her mother cheated non her husband Joseph; she did not think Jodie to be so vindictive. He never went to jail because he was an innocent man. He had to move away because she had him threatened all the time. Jodie was trying to get money as a victim. This is a black widow of a woman. Sound far fetched, but wait there is more below. “Always follow the money”

Jodie Refalo has been known to make up fantastic stories. One was that her boyfriend had bashed her whilst pregnant and she lost the little bastard child at 23 weeks. Who knows who kids this was as Jodie was known as the town bike. She slept with virtually every guy at McDonalds and the night club that she went too.

But lets say it was her boyfriend that did bash her and she lost the kid. Well she replaced the bastard child with another child Christie-lee Smith to the SAME guy. How would she feel knowing that she was a replacement child. So if this was true and your boyfriend bashed you, why would you have another kid with the same guy. Because she didn’t want to work and just wanted the child support money. “Keep following the money”

So as life goes on, she is in and out of many beds and finally get married to some rich guy from Melbourne. She moves to Melbourne and promises Christie-lee father that he can still her and she will send the kid to Sydney every month. This lasted a few months and she asks for more money or she will not sed his daughter. He organised plane tickets and she refused to send his daughter. This guy spend $40k trying to get his daughter but she married this rich guy, told him the lies and he financed the court costs. Christie-lee father could not afford it anymore and so he just had to lay down and give up. So she gets more child support and keeps working. She alienated the child from the father and laughing all the way to the bank. A few years later she can’t handle the bastard child and begs her father to take her before she abuses her daughter even more. Father take child for 2 years and sets her on the straight and narrow. She come back to be with rich Daddy.

Jodie’s new husband is a good looking guy and I bet his friends and family probably thought, what the f*** is he doing with her. The only reason would be because she had to be good in bed. Though with her experience, I bet she was. He took her from Mt Druitt in Sydney west to Knoxville in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She saw the $$$ signs, married him had 3 children, not sure if they are his. They have about 6 properties worth $$mil. Everything going fantastic. Tells everyone that that his is an amazing husband and father and that GOD had sent him to her.

Ten years down the line of this happy marriage, she gets caught sleeping around again, though this time to some grandpa. She goes from a successful business man to a baggage handler Kirk Kotziagianis of Altona Meadows. What a catch he is. He is fat and major ugly, smells bad with BO. Has no money and a big mortgage. This guy bashed his wife so many times that eventually she left him. So Jodie Refalo hooks up with him and together they plot to screw over her husband to get at HIS money. Remember “Follow the money trail” Comes up with a story that she doesn’t love him any more. Then says she never loved him. Because her husband didn’t know she has been cheating on him for months. I bet he was devastated. He gets kicked out of the house cause she calls the police. She said that he pointed the gun at her and said he was going to kill her and then himself. He gets arrested and spent the night in gaol. Eventually they go to Ringwood court late January 2014 with 30+ other accusations of family violence are thrown out. Still unbelievable, check out the court documents if you don’t believe. The husband has a recording of the tapes and they are on a link so you can listen to them. Just look for “Jodie Refalo court recording” on google.

Then she keeps the kids away from him and brainwashes them. Telling the kids that their father is a bad man. He abandoned them, doesn’t love them, bashes mommy all the time. She tells them that Kirk loves them and he s a good father. First she keeps the kids away from him. Tries to have him put in prison so many times, though does not succeed. This poor guy has not seen his kids for months and is dragged from one court room to the next. Now you still following the money trail. Well Jodie Refalo not only trying to screw her husband out of everything he has worked for. But she also has been defrauding Centrelink. Since 2007. She had been getting approximately $26,000 per year from centrelink on a SINGLE mothers pension. She falsified documents, providing false evidence and saying that she had a PRIVATE agreement with the husband. So not only was he looking after her, as they lived together as husband and wife until early September 2013, but she had also was screwing the tax payer. Still following the money.

So with all the lies and deceit, this black widow will do it again. She is already telling people that she is going to get everything, including the kids. But now she has her sights set on Kirk’s money too. She thinks he is rich, but the only thing he has really got going for himself, is his SuperAnnuation. She knows that if she spends a couple of days a week with him at his house, she can stake a claim on his superfund. He may think the sex is great, but like her former husband, he will realise that a prostitute will be cheaper. Every man in this woman life has been destroyed. The husband is due to go to Family Court soon. We wish him luck.