Derrick M. Rancifer

This man is the definition of a wh**e! He will have sexual encounters (orally) with anyone when he is in a relationship and not know them good and he lies about himself. He will tell you he is one way but in reality he is a horrible lying dog. He has lied to me about his whole life and doesn’t know what he wants in life. He is 57 years old but when you ask him he doesn’t want to tell you at all. He dates minors without asking their age. He is paranoid and thinks the world is against him. He twist words and gets everything wrong. He acts like he has so much class when he is a cheap disrespectful lying dog. He lives in Chicago in bronzeville. He is a cheap male wh**e who is a old dirty b*****d and probably has STDs !!!!! Stay far away from this liar because he is bad news !!!

Sandra Marie Diverdi Miller

Sandra Marie Diverdi Miller from Princeton, MA is a home wrecking whore. She’s been after my fiancĂ© for the past 5 yrs.. disguising her obsession as friendship.. Even knowing about our struggles with a newly diagnosed autistic child, she continued to pursue him. She’s is disgusting and the epitome of selfish.. Here’s a picture of her.. Karma’s a bitch.

Tammy Neal

She used to be Tammy Brown (lives in Gause Texas- near Milano and Hearne), she was married to Arthur Neal and still sleeps with him from time to time even though he is remarried to a great girl! (she is not crazy like Tammy) Tammy claims to be the sweetest and most caring individual and she will do what she can to win people over but beware because she is NOT faithful or true to anyone. She spreads lies and rumors about her so called best friends and even talks nasty about her own mother, brother, his spouse and all of her family! She spreads diseases as fast as she spreads her own legs! She slept with my husband who is no longer my husband and gave him 2 different diseases one he will live with the rest of his miserable life! Just a warning this Happy little country girl that she tries to portray is happily spreading herpes to any one under the age of 70! She owns the house she lives in because she slept with the OLD man that owned it and left it to her. She has NO moral conscious at all!!! She slept with many husbands from what I am now learning! Ruth Davenport is a sweet woman and also a teacher, Tammy continues to sleep with her husband. There are 2 others I know of but do not know there names. My husband and I left the state to try to get rid of this crazy person. She tracked us down and still continued to try to make our lives miserable! She is relentless and will not STOP! Karma and God will get her one day and that is my only salvation! Just be aware that this girl has no morals. She is deceitful and comes off as such a great person but there is NOT one thing great about her personally~

John D’Auria

This guy is a liar and womanizer. He manipulates women and makes them believe his BS. He is married with children and plays it off as though he is unhappy and getting a divorce. While he is still living with his wife in the family home. He has affairs with married women or women who are in long term relationships and feeds them lies to get them to go to bed with him. He is a home wrecker and shouldn’t be trusted.

Natalie Pead

Natalie Pead London PR asos Communications New Look Next

Natalie Pead is a homewrecking piece of trash. She’s a gold digging ho just like her mother.

She loves black, she’s a drunk, she’s a high school dropout. Hilarious that’s she’s employed as Communication Director at asos, the dumb ho can’t even spell or use capital letters correctly.

Her baby daddy is a criminal.

If you look at her photo you’ll her nasty pig personality shows in her face.

Homewrecking piece of trash. She’ll stab anyone in the back, if it gets her what she wants.


I met this person at an NIH conference in ALDIE, VA ,for work. We hit it off and exchanged emails. He told me he was separated from his wife but still living at home until he can straighten out his affairs. Apparently, him being Indian of the Sikh religion made it impossibly hard to get a divorce until he went through some channels. I fell for all this , partially because I believed that divorce is not usual in his culture. Anyway, basically i believed him and he had so much free time I couldn’t see how he would be able to spend so much time with me if he was really still with his wife. This continued for a year, in between we broke up for a month and reconnected again.

I really thought he was my soul mate. I fell for all the promises and words of love. Until he started to withdraw. I noticed a change. Then he started hinting his wife is trying to work things out and she will not divorce him. Then one day I got an email saying it was his wife and I should stay away and give them a chance.
By this time I am head over heels but I asked him, if he wants to walk away just tell me rather than string me along. He said no he does not want to lose me.

Skipping forward , I received several emails supposedly from the “wife” and finally I checked the IP address and compared it to his because I had a suspicion it was him sending the email. Women always follow your gut, I just knew it was him and not his wife by the writing style.
I asked him , he said No its not him. I wasn’t positive at this point so didn’t press the issue.Then he said she is going to take all his money, he has no choice but to stay now and has to end it with me because she knows. I was devastated but sorry for him as well. I asked him to at least say goodbye on the phone or in person not in an email.
He just ignored me for a week and changed his number. I emailed his work email and said I knew he was a liar and I pieced it all together. He had me believing for months his lies and heartaches. He lied about things that did not even effect our relationship. I think everything was a lie to make himself look better or feel better. He is the true definition of a sociopath.

I talked to is wife and she was 8 months pregnant. Un-believeable! I know its my fault to for being so naive and thinking he is going to divorce and is living separate life. His wife compared dates , times, stories with mine and it was all lies. Like once he was going to leave and said she broke her foot so he had to help her. Again a stupid lie.

anyway , I hate him now. Beware, I am sure he will do it again he is a good charmer and very manipulative.

Robert A. Smith

Met in Mar 2013. Dating. Went to OBX. Was often late. Fixated on phone. But expressed his love all the time. . Between end ofMay and Halloween remained in touch. He spent Halloween with me and my friends. Saw each other over night a few times. 26 Feb I went to his place. 27 Feb I wanted. To see if his fishing charter got any tuna. Was. mortified when I saw a girls.comment….her profile pic was with Robert!!! Yep. His girlfriend. I contacted her. I had no idea he was involved considering the night before he was expressing his love!