Sandra Brown, MA

Sandra Brown , MA is a PAGAN. She is best friends with Laura Knight-Jadczyk a pagan who channels aliens on a Ouija Board and has a cult that Sandra is a member of. Sandra Brown MA’s “personal assistant” Betsy Ashby is also a PAGAN.

Brown is sold bold about her affiliation with PAGANS that she posts under her own name. Christians- BEWARE! Sandra Brown MA is a devil worshipper wearing the mantle of a good Christian. DO NOT BUY HER BOOKS! DO NOT USE HER SERVICES! SHE IS A PAGAN!

Jennifer Constance Davaney

Jennifer has had several affairs in most of her relationships, usually with a boss or coworker. She has been caught cheating with Ardmore, OK Hyundai dealerships general manager and her previous employer Sam Atencio who has also had numerous affairs including one in which he was arrested for DUI with the other woman in the vehicle.

She has left her children home in the care of her 17 year old daughter to go to bars and visit men, including two men whom she got drunk with and wrecked a telephone pole with. These are not unfounded claims and accusations can be proved.

Suzanne Marie Bates, Akron, Ohio 44306 (Cheater)

Suzanne Marie Bates had sex with me unprotected and then told me that she has herpes and that she was testing my semen to make sure she wasn’t allergic to it. We were together for a year and she stopped having sex with me after just 4 months. I begged her to tell me the truth, since there must have been somebody else but she lied and lied and lied again… She strung me along month after month, accepting my gifts but not putting out at all. She recently told me that she wanted to take a break and think about things after I caught her in two lies lately. It really made her mad that I busted her but she continued to lie to me. I begged her to tell me the truth but she insisted that I was wrong. Tonight I drove by her house and found a truck in her driveway. I pounded on the window, begging her to come out and finally tell me the truth but she called the police on me. Of course, she made herself out to be the victim but the cops knew better, I think they have done this before at Suzanne’s house. They knew she was a cheater. Suzanne Marie Bates is a cheating floozie! She’s short and cute but don’t fall for her lies! Don’t get Herpes either…

Brad Vinson

Brad Vinson is the name he goes by. He works at Stringfellow Hospital in Anniston, AL. For some reason he likes to have affairs with his married coworkers but is to much of a p**** to deal with it when caught. He has to have a female that he lives with, take up for him. Brad Vinson you are a b****. If you were a real man, you. Could handle your own problems instead of crawling behind a woman.

Tiffany T Treece

Tiffany is from the Woodlands Texas, (where she now resides). she met my friend through work on a company trip. They hit it off, spent six months in a whirlwind romance. Come to find out, the whole time they were fooling around, she was cheating on her boyfriend back home. None the less we they in love, and she moved across the country to live with him. He completely supported her, paid for everything from cat littler to tampons. They planned on moving to a tropical location together, all transfer paper work was all set, everything was packed and ready to go. Five days before they left, she never came home on night. She sent him a text at 2:00 pm saying that she loved him. At 9:00 she left work early with a coworker. He tried to pick her up from work at 12:00 to find out she was gone. She ignored all of his calls and texts all night. Panicked, he thought she was hurt, dead, or kidnapped. He called everyone we knew, and hospitals. She could not be found. At 9:00 am the next morning she answered his phone call, and told him where she was (at the other guys house), and that they were alone together. She had planned on bringing him to my friends apartment while he was at work and moving out without telling him. He would then have to work with both of them. Surprisingly he packed all of her things into her car before she came home. That day she moved out of my house, directly into his. He then had to work with them for 5 days while they denied the whole thing (the other guy came into work the next day with a hickey). Then a friend sent in a picture of them holding hands in public. Proof, vindication, caught. The story only gets longer and more twisted from here. This girl is a sociopath. She has no remorse or regret about how she treats other people. She is a liar and a repeat cheater. She uses people up, then discards them, moving from one person to the next without warning. Beware.

Darric Terry

Seems everytime I turn around I meet some female that has been victim to this guys sad advances. I met him over a year ago(online) and fell for the whole line of bull. He constantly calls, sends sweet emails and texts makes you feel that you are so important and moves really fast. Found out there is a wife and a dozen other women. He tried to explain it away with some crazy story, and that his “agency” was taking care of the “rumors” about him. I actually spoke to the wife and he still denied it. She must be a little dumb because she believes everything he tells her and stays mostly on the east coast. Last I knew there was a child on the way but I’m sure he will lie about that too. He says hes and actor and that most definetely is true, everything is an act. LADIES stay away this guy will say ANYTHING to get what he wants.

Darryl S Cannon

Darryl is an overseas contractor in Afghanistan he is a liar and a cheat.
he is on face book as darryl S Cannon he even lied about where he went to school at! He likes to play the victim and will beat you to death with a bible but never apply any of it to himself. Beware he uses women 2 cars repoed, 3 homes foreclosed, no credit drinks alot total looser ladies watch out. He cheated on me twice while over seas then came home made all sweet and nice even renewed vows with me then 4 weeks later asked for a divorce…watch out total liar

Watch out for Yiqian Zhou

I wanted to bring to your attention there may be an individual seeking membership to the AMBW groups on Facebook. His name is Yiqian Zhou or he may be going my Steve Zhou located in VA. I dated this person about 6 months ago. He exploits Black women, and seek to only have sex with them. He has cheated on me constantly in the relationship. However, he does not intend on being with them long-term. He is not interested in Black women because it goes against his family and Asian friends wishes. However, he is not upfront with who he dates. He constantly lies and is not trust worthy. Furthermore, he is the country illegally. He is very involved in pornography, and considers Black women as sluts. He has also stole money from me. I don’t want anyone to be hurt by him. I felt I should let the Admins. of the BWAM groups know about this guy. I know it is a personal issue, but it is one warning that can save a Black woman from additional exploitation.