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Malek Chaieb aka Sheyla Oliver


She became internet “lovers” with a very married Adam Russell Pratt. This little slut lives in Tunisia. She spends hours on internet spreading her legs pretending to be an angel. SHE IS A LYING WHORE has the nerve to talk to our kids. She is so stupid and sick because he has DOZENS of other girls, ones he cried to me about she was just a free porn buddy young, dumb, and slutty enough to be a whore for free. Adam makes fun of her for being pathetic and had no life besides him, no friends no brain nothing. Lonely men should friend this whore on facebook you will get all the fake sex you need just tell the ugly little thing she is pretty and a model LOL Her family and her Muslim culture must be so proud of her having fake sex with married men with their children present. Disgusting sick little girl Malek Chaieb, Sheyla Oliver, Johanna Austen whatever your real name is you filthy pig from Tunisia. No men want your ugly face in your own country, or the entire continent of Africa you freak? This hideous demon really needs to be exposed.


John Kaunas in NY

John Kaunas is a married man, and likes to cheat on his wife. John Kaunas is a really piece of work. This guy has victims everywhere, and its sad to say. How can a married man, look into a womans eyes when he is married and say I love you. When he knows he is married. What kind of man, likes to play games sending text messages to woman. What can of man can wake up in the morning and do this everyday. The man is John Kaunas folks. John Kaunas will tell you he loves you, and that he is divorced, but yes he is married. Don’t Listen to a word he says. He will tell you what you want to hear. He will text you sweet messages and make you think you have a real relationship but will never be anything but a sexual game to him. He has many many woman plus he is married! Stay away from this creeper ladies. What ever you do, don’t text him or try to respond to him or act like your in love with him. He is a narcissist and feeds off of it. Ignore him, and he will go away. Don’t give him any of your time, even to tell him off. He loves that. It makes him happy. He is a SICK, SICK BASTARD. He belongs in a mental institution. I hope everybody used protection. Who knows what kind of diseases he may have.


Denise Johnson McCain

Denise Johnson McCain, 42, grandmother of 3, cheats on her husband of 4 years. She uses Facebook as a tool to keep in touch with men she has sex with. This skank lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia and has been meeting men in Winchester, Va. Her husband’s name is Jade McCain. Someone please tell this man that his wife has been cheating on him their entire relationship.

Mary E. Wray, Mary E.Taylor Norman, OK

Liar, Cheater, Harlot, Evil, Beware,
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Chris Martorella Altria Greensburg PA Softball coach

Chris Martorella of Greensburg PA decided to make the decision 1,629 times to lie to his wife of 15yrs, his three children, and maintain a 4+yr affair with a coworker.

As an employee of Altria (philip Morris) his actions are against company policy and his career is in jeopardy.

After the sexual affair, he proceeded to sexually proposition the coworker making her feel uncomfortable in the workplace. As the Sheetz Account Manager his position allows him to leverage career growth to obtain personal sexual satisfaction.

You have been warned. Research is key to success.


Martha Marsico and Eric Bohar Scranton Pennsylvania

Im erics second.wife. eric was in jail for.four yrs for sexual assault then four yra for theft.he wrote me.for 2.5 yrs before.being released and coming home to me in Scranton where we.married 4-5-2013. Eric owed $55,000 in child support which i as a paralegal fought the ex.wife.and she forfeited all.future….eric.refused he would buy me gifts.then sell.them like $2,000 diamond earrings or.washer.n.dryer… june 2014 he and.started meeting women i filed for divorce in july 2014. He kept.meeting woman and not working in October when the divorce was tp.proceed he got a job for a.week and him…….in December he told me he got this hippo 400 lbs woman martha.marsico pregnant. I had him sign.the divorce consent. I.told him he winter was.coming… he had a.job of.lards house….finally i.kicked him out 2-3-15 ….divorce finalized 2-17-15…..he still.comes house.and begs.tto.come the in my house he went to may 2015 and he.gave hippo a.fake ring so.hed.have a he.gets.out cos.he knows i.wasnt doing another.jail.tour…….i mean.thanks tub of.lard cos hes.not.stealing my money anymore…he.killed my dog…anyhow while he has woman while he locks hippos four bedroom heroin…heres is this bitch!!


Wesley Calvert

He pressured me into having sex before I was ready, and then I felt trapped to him because he took my virginity. He slept with a morbidly obese girl named Beth when he had me as a person he “thought he was falling in love with.” He abandoned me after the stillbirth of our child. He added multiple girls to Facebook and flirted with them when he was supposed to be working on our marriage. He cheated on me with a girl he sold a car to. He is addicted to pornography and loves to jack off while thinking of other girls or girls he’s had conquests with. He’s known to love quantity, not quality, and sleeps with skanks and probably gave me the HPV virus due to his whoring ways.