Cheater and liar Jose A. Mendoza Jr

Be ware ladies if Jose A. Mendoza Jr. He is a liar and a cheat he likes to sleep with several women without condoms he prays on single mothers with young children which you need to be very careful of cause when he gets anger he will yell at your child and yank them by the arm or where ever he also uses profanity when talking to your child he also physically abuses women and pick up random women off the street for sex

Marilyn Cunnington

This witchy looking woman with the Shirley Temple curls, decided that my Boyfriend would be a great replacement for her own obnoxious spouse. She pursued him, he stupidly slept with her and she just wouldn’t let go. He even told me once that he wished she would die in a plane crash so she would leave him alone. He was the typical knight in shining armor, felt sorry for her and he didn’t have to do much at all to get her to spread her legs for him. She was so desperate to hook up with him and at least one married man that he knew about, that she drove hundreds of miles to hook up with MY boyfriend. The married man apparently dropped her like a hot potato when she took pills to try to get his attention.

Her husband left her. She finally got some other fool to marry her and he was no prize. She is divorced again. She claims to be very religious and a Christian. When my boyfriend saw this picture of her, he couldn’t believe that he actually had sex with her. He feels like a complete idiot (in the case I sure agree with him!), not just because she is so odd looking, but because as he said several times, she is crazy. As in psycho crazy. He told me that he saw her only once without makeup and it was frightening.


Madison Villela

This little girl is a home wrecker! Period! An employee of my husband, fresh out of high school. She became friends with me and my family, only to find out she was getting close to my husband. She went out of her way to point out my flaws & problems in our marriage, so that she could worm her way in between us.
My husband & I have been together for 20 years, almost as long as she has been alive! She managed to pry my husband away from me and our kids and now thinks she will live happily ever after?! LOL. Don’t think so! They may live together for now, but he & I are still married and she has an expiration date!

She is a disgusting, home wrecking troll! She will also one day feel the karma of a cheating man… You reap what you sew!

Home wrecker: A person (male or female) who knowingly and willingly engages in a relationship with a married person with no regard to what damage such an affair would have on the married person’s spouse and family.
I could never look at myself in the mirror with a title like that!
She does not care that she helped rip apart a family and left me and my kids in so much pain!


Emily (Emileah) Moore Garcia Saugus, California

Emily Moore Gracia worked with my husband. My husband and I got married in March and she made a move on him in May! I completely understand that it takes too in no way am I saying it’s all her fault, but the w**** knew he was married with a son. The w**** use to baby sit my son she even went as far as to come to my son’s 1st birthday party and she was sleeping with my husband. The sad part is she was sleeping with my husband while she was 8 months pregnant with some other guy’s baby! How disgusting is that. Now I know that I had some fault but she kissed my husband first knowing he was married and had a child and she was with child what did you think w**** my husband would leave me for you? Come on have some self-respect! She goes by emileah on Facebook.


Line Hidemann

My ex husband and I had been married for 17yrs. High school sweetheart. We have two boys, one 19 and one 16. On June 20th I found out he was having an affair with a girl he knew in 8th grade. They reconnected on facebook. Her name is Line Hidemann, she is a 39 year old dental assistant in the Dallas, Plano Texas area that at the time lived with her parents with her child. After I found out I started messaging her, I begged her to stay away… She promised she would and she knew it would be best for the boys!! Blah blah…

This is the kicker, not only has this same thing happened to her, but our oldest son was struggling at school, with depression. Line knew this, he had went in the hospital for suicide thoughts.!!! She as a parent should have said no and stepped back so our son could have both parents attention. Selfish, POS!!! 5 months after I found out about the affair our oldest son took his own life. I know it takes two, and believe me my ex is just as much to blame for leaving and being a POS!!!

What woman can go through this herself knowing how much it hurts to have your family torn apart, what mother could see what is going on with a child and not care? She needed to get out of her mothers house and found a stupid boy to fall for her and not give two f:$&# about his family. She is not a good person!


Cynthia Cruz & Rogelio Claros

I have learned a lot in the last 2 years about my husband, I have learned that he should have never been given chances after chances. I have realized I deserved better than him and the treatment I allowed him to inflict on me. I have realized that I cannot trust anyone now thanks to him! Thanks to him I no longer believe people are good! I am always paranoid someone just wants to hurt me now. This man and woman truly deserve each other they are both really despicable people with no Empathy for anyone.
7 Years ago I married Rogelio Claros, We dated, but rushed into things and rushed into marriage way too fast. In the beginning he showed me a loving, caring man who accepted my children as his own. He was different from most of the exes I had been used to being with. I normally would get with someone who didn’t really want to spend time with me, only come around when they wanted to. I had really given up on the idea of a serious relationship before meeting him and had gone several years without someone serious in my life. After meeting him things changed for me, I really believed he was sent to me by God, he was the answer I had been looking for and I felt happy once again. I hadn’t felt that alive for a long time. I looked forward to the weekends when we were able to spend time together due to him being stationed a hour away we didn’t get to see each other during the week. Eventually things got more serious and he asked me to marry him. I of course said yes, I ended up having to quit my job due to my son being injured at child care. He had broke his Femur and needed constant care he wasn’t able to walk, bath or take care of himself at all. Rogelio was there for him and me the whole time, he began to drive the car back and forth every day so he could be there to help me more and be there. I was so proud of my soon to be husband he was perfect!
Prior to us marrying I was told that Cynthia had had an affair while he was deployed in Iraq during his first tour while serving in the Military. He said that she moved another soldier into the home, got pregnant by him and took his savings from his account. He seemed really upset about this while telling me what had happened and at one point did become a bit emotional. He told me that she was his first love and that she had hurt him and had served him while downrange divorce papers. During our engagement we had been looking for Apartments up North near his Base about 1 hour from my home town. He had discussed how Cynthia liked to party a lot with her Sister and friends and how she was hardly ever home. He said that caused a lot of problems in their marriage, and that he felt Cynthia wasn’t a good Mom. He told me some other things that made me a bit more uncomfortable he said that during them being divorced she and him had had sex prior even when she was in other relationships and that at one point she got pregnant with his child, which he wanted to keep, but she choose to end the pregnancy and he was very upset about that. He has always wanted a boy and he thought maybe that could have been his boy. He said her mom still liked him and always thought he was a good guy.
But what he failed to tell me that I later found out was from Cynthia herself. He had also cheated on her. He had given her a STD as well and came home giving her medicine to take after he found out he had it. I found out that he had been previously not able to join the Military due to him having contracted Syphilis when he was 18 (he told me that, so I am thinking this may have been that time, but not positive) So if it wasn’t that means he has had STD’s prior to this as well! He always had some excuse for why he acted stupid or did something. He rarely talked about any other relationships other than places he had lived prior while he was separated etc.
We eventually got married moved up North and immediately he changed. I didn’t know what was going on, but I thought maybe he was pushing me away due to the deployment. I had been told they can change before and after a deployment and that its a way of them coping. I was new to the Military wife stuff and had no clue and nobody to talk to and ask either. So I assumed that was it and I tried to be there for him, but I would get so hurt. He started rejecting me he didn’t want to have sex with me and made me feel I wasn’t pretty anymore. He complained when I wasn’t working, so I finally found a job and things just got worse. He would fight with me all the time or just ignore me if I accused him of anything. I had recently found pics of his Ex wife on a laptop and confronted him. The laptop was brand new I had bought it for him after we got married so we had a way to communicate when he went to Germany or on his Deployment, I began to get funny messages from a lady named Anna that claimed she was going to sleep with my husband soon and that he wanted a divorce. I was shocked I had never thought my husband would be like this! The person I trusted the most in life had betrayed me! I found pics of woman on his phone of their breasts and I ended up contacting the Chaplain we had some marriage counselling and things were revealed that I had never known, b/c he really doesn’t communicate (he hates to talk about our problems. He would rather pretend they aren’t there) I would beg for him to talk and he refused. but I found out he was addicted to porn, Online dating sites and cheating! I found out his own father had cheated on his mother.
The first deployment with my husband was pure HELL with him. It was such an emotional roller coaster ride. He was talking to an ex girlfriend wanting a divorce and told me on my birthday (Happy Birthday to me) Ever single Holiday he ruined after we got married. He always managed to make it miserable for all of us. But at the end of the deployment I had planned on leaving him and he begged for me to stay and he promised to get help. I bought it, and believed maybe it was the deployment creating this monster and now that it was over with maybe things would get better between us and we could get the help we needed. Because prior to the deployment while working with the Chaplain things were starting to get better.
We moved to Germany where he got stationed and found out he was to deploy once again, he was worried this would be his 4th deployment. Deployments always created stress in our marriage, but we were doing much better this time around. I thought maybe we finally were on the same page and able to get through this deployment without any problems. In January 2012 I got a call from my Family member from the states she was hysterical my Dad got killed on the job. I was devastated, my husband was downrange it was 2am and I was alone in another country. I contacted him through the Emergency channels set in place for situations like this and he was able to get Emergency leave, but that night he had called and reassured me he would never hurt me again, he loved me so much and had never had someone like me be there for him. He promised to never leave/hurt/cheat on me. I begged him that night to never hurt me and leave me I told him I couldn’t stand to lose another person in my life. Not to mention, I was always so worried what could happen to him downrange and I was always scared to answer that door anytime someone knocked on it. I was always afraid something bad would happen to him which I think makes it even harder when you’re going through all this kind of stuff because it makes you hold onto that person even stronger. You just never know when or if something will happen to your loved ones. The one man who has always been there for me, the one man who would hug me and make everything better had just died and to this day, I miss him more than anyone! I need him and he isn’t there. My husband came home and things were okay, but we went on vacation and s*** hit the fan. He went to see his brother and kids and didn’t bother telling me he had other plans during our vacation which we were to meet back up after a few days. Instead he went to El Salvador! Leaving me with NO money, NO way to the airport. His attitude was horrible, he was being so selfish. After all this s*** I have been through with him he is going to act like this. I had no clue what had just happened for almost 2 years we were doing good and now this again????? We went back to Germany after that I thought things were okay, we did argue a lot due to disagreements, but of course I thought it was due to the deployment. I tried to get him to talk to someone but he refused. I called people to try to get him help but nobody cared. I truly believe he may have gotten PTSD due to losing someone very close to him downrange. His behavior was different, this person I hadn’t seen before and he began to scare me. He had threatened to hit me at one point during our vacation when I “annoyed him” by my arguing after he got into a rage he couldn’t find the freeway and I asked him to pull over to get the GPS out of the suitcase. I just didn’t see the need to get so worked up over that, but after that I was scared of my husband. I had never been scared of him till then.
He began to lose it, he was drinking and once again while he was driving we were arguing over something and he threatened to hit me again, raising his hand to me. I thought this person would go away, I didn’t like this guy! I tried getting him help more and still nothing. He began to drink a lot, He began to go out and come home with no wedding ring on. He would stay at the Barracks when we got into fights and stay out with single soldiers. He began to drink and drive too which really worried me. I was worried he would kill someone or himself or end up in a German jail. He got removed from the home after he came home and flipped out destroying my bed I had bought with the money I got from my dad passing. I was really hurt by that I felt he knew that was special to me and did it to hurt me. While in the Barracks he was out of the home and I was hoping they would get him help which I had been told would happen. He was sent back into the home and hadn’t gotten any help what so ever. Something happened in this time that really hurt me. He had gotten so out of hand that once again I had to have him removed legal matters were involved and he was looking at possibly going to jail and losing his career. His spiraling out of control had taken a toll on everyone including me! I had given him the ultimatum prior to this and told him GET HELP or I turn you in for what he had done to me! He decided to make fun of the situation and mock me. Instead of taking responsibility for the Mental, Sexual abuse he had done to me he made fun of me and told me to lock my doors instead which I couldn’t due to him having all the keys locked up in the room he was staying in. After I did turn him in for the assault I was told by Cynthia in not such a nice letter that I was being vindictive and that basically that wouldn’t help anyone she would end up losing her kids father and he would end up leaving to go back to El Salvador which he had threatened to do so many times before! I know they were talking at this time, he wasn’t suppose to talk to me at all, but eventually he got a hold of me telling me he missed us and wanted to talk to me, I never wanted him to get in trouble! I wanted him to get help! I am not sure why they cannot understand that. I ended up falling for it again though, I took him back he promised to get help and he did and I thought he meant it this time. He was going back to his old self and showed me he loved me, but after he quickly realized coming back to me wasn’t going to resolve his issues he decided he didn’t want to be married once again and wanted a divorce.
At this time I had been feeling something wasn’t quite right with him and Cynthia they had been talking A lot on his Cell phone. She was always sending messages and when we were together she would say Ok she would talk to him later. I was beginning to get mad about it and felt they were being shady! After I finally was able to leave him and Germany (on the way to the airport, I walked away from him without telling him goodbye or anything) he began sending me messages of him crying saying he loved me and was sorry and didn’t know what he was doing. The whole time prior to me leaving for months I refused to sleep with him after he started making me feel he was using me, but I have so many screenshots of this a****** asking me for sex time and time and time again! Even after I left he wanted me to send him pictures I would be discussing bills to have him send pics of his penis. This guy is seriously a sick pig! And after all this s***, I find out these two are together!!! She had changed her status in August that they were together. (Obviously he never meant to be faithful during this time or he wouldn’t have been asking me for sex over and over again!!! Which yes there were times I caved because I missed him!) He also was caught trying to get another girl to have sex with him though around this time too. I know I was stupid for staying as long as I did. So maybe she shouldn’t feel so damn special. I am sure once the “newness” wears off he will be back to his old games again!
I personally cannot believe he loves her! All this time being reminded what horrible things she did to him, and how he wanted me to support him while he went to school which I told him I was unable to do due to the fact I don’t make enough even if I worked FT to support all of us. I find it funny, he finally got one of his exes to fall for his games! This woman made me feel like I was stupid for staying and would tell me I should have left him a long time ago, but now look her ass is with him too! She continuously posts pics of them together or makes her s*** public and I am not stupid she is rubbing it in that she is a dirty nasty homewrecking w****! I am sure every time he sleeps with you he thinks of the man who was sleeping in his bed while he was deployed, I am sure every time he looks at your youngest child he is reminded of the affair, so don’t think you’re that damn special for him to forget because I was clearly reminded our whole marriage what a dirty w**** you were and how he didn’t trust woman because of you! I am so glad to be away from that Narcissist and you can laugh your pretty little head when you think I am joking about him being a Narcissist BUT just you wait and see, I am sure he has much more in store for you! He is always one step ahead and he always has a plan why he is with someone! It’s to use them for whatever they have that he wants!
Before anyone says you’re so stupid for staying. I already feel enough shame I don’t need to be reminded of that. I know I stayed too long, but I feel me staying that long has taught me one hell of a lesson and I do believe in a way my husband did help me realize what I do not deserve in life! I now suffer from C-PTSD, Severe Depression and Anxiety thanks to him. I cannot trust anyone, and I am constantly reminded by these things when something or a place reminds me of him. I have nightmares of him with someone else and him laughing at me. I try to leave him behind and let him be, but after being completely abandoned by your spouse 6 months ago things do take time. And not to mention the bills he has left for me to pay that he promised to pay while he lavishes you with flowers. purses. WTF am I suppose to be happy about that s***? How would you feel? All I wanted was to have a good marriage and someone to love me! I tried my best to make him happy, I tried my best and that is all I could have done. So at least I can live with that knowing I did my best! I am happy to be rid of someone who didn’t see me as a priority! I know I deserve better. I would rather be alone the rest of my life than to live that Hell ever again. I just wish I would have learned my lesson sooner and not wasted so much time on him.
I think the one thing that makes this hurt so much is the fact I trusted Cynthia out of all his Exes she was the one I trusted. I actually befriended her and tried to be good to her kids. I never did the things that you claimed (the messages sent, that was all Rogelio) He didn’t want us being friends! He won, he made sure that didn’t happen by pretending to be me on my FB page sending mean letters to your kids. What father would do something like that if he wasn’t mentally screwed up! Seriously use your head and think about it? If he can do that to his own kids what more is he capable of doing to you?
But I will leave you Cynthia & Rogelio with the words Cynthia sent me in the end after I turned him in for assault “You guys made your bed, now lie in it” sound very fitting for a Homewrecker too!!


Casey B. Jonhson Kentucky

Last year, my husband and I found ourselves and our family in a difficult and unfortunate situation. My husband blamed himself and although I did not, he became depressed and somewhat emotionally unstable. Sensing and feeding from his vulnerability, this is when the Homewrecker, or as I refer to her,the Horse-Face-Home-Wrecking-w****, who also was his co-worker at the time, managed to manipulate her way right into the middle of my marriage. She knew he was married and that he and I had three little boys together. It started as an emotional affair. But as they always do, one thing led to another. He’d go out late at night claiming he was going to grab a beer with his buddies or something of that nature. This was not uncommon and I never did mind when he went out with his friends. Actually, I was glad that he did these things so I did not become suspicious until one night I sent him a text and he did not respond. That was unlike him. The next day I confronted him and he came clean. My husband has never been able to keep anything from me for very long. According to him, he would meet her at random places, they would either drive around or sit and talk in either his or her car. By this point, besides the emotional affair, which is just as, if not, more hurtful as anything else, the only thing they had done was kissing. But that was enough for me. I took our three boys and left.
My husband’s emotional state was already wounded but when I left it grew enormously worse. He would not go home claiming it hurt too much to be there without his family. He stayed out all night most nights drinking and slept in his car. He went home to shower and change clothes, that’s it. One night within the first weeks of our separation, he met up with her because he “needed someone to talk to.” He was completely inebriated, very emotionally unstable and struggling to cope with his recent losses, and she decides this would be a good time to open her legs up to him. (I don’t mention my husband’s state of mind to make excuses for him, there are none. But to give you a better idea of the character of this home-wrecker) Whenever it seemed like there was no hope for my marriage, she seemed to not want anything to do with my husband anymore. Whenever she got word that we were trying to work things out, she would rear her ugly head again.
She does not want a companion or a meaningful, long-term relationship, she wants a conquest. All the destruction and pain she causes to the men, women and children involved is all just a game to her. Kentucky ladies, beware.


Teresa Dixon Winnemucca

So here it goes… My husband left June of 2013 for 8 months. We had started divorce paperwork then, some things happened and it got stalled. He came back and actually rented my spare room out for about 5 months. At this point things were going good. Our two year old son loved having dad around daily and yes, sure, we got intimate here and there. September was approaching and my mother was moving in with me so I was going to need the spare room where he was sleeping. Therefore in August I asked my husband/roommate if he wanted to get his own place or work at our marriage, go to counseling, and come back into our bedroom. He decided to stay. We went to a couple sessions. At the end of September he went on a fishing trip. I was a little suspect but I was going to trust him and give him the benefit of the doubt. When he came back from that trip the sex we had was incredible and full of the emotion we had been missing for a while. I truly felt this was a turnaround moment. A few days later a photo surfaces on Facebook. I confront him. Teresa was an ex from Vegas about 11 yrs ago. He said he had a fling with her when he left last year and she was “psycho”. I actually had a conversation on Facebook with this homewrecker asking why she posted this “old photo” but never got out of her that he was with her. We got over that hurdle. November comes around and hubby and I haven’t gotten far with anymore counseling, he hasn’t contributed more to the household other than his “rent”; certainly not what he used to as a husband and father. Naturally my wall is up. I give him another out, we have the talk, with the why are you here, do you want to still be here? He still wants to stay. Miss Teresa with 8 Facebook profiles has popped up another time, she creates a male profile and friend requests me, my mother, his sister, and a few other mutual friends of mine and his. His responses all the time to her is just ignore her and she’ll go away she’s just crazy.
We get through Christmas. Finally it all happens in January, we were out and I got tired of him looking at all these other women. I know all men do it, 1, 2, or 3 ok! Hell I even pointed some booty out to him. But when you’re “working at your marriage” 5, 6, or 7 is enough and when you have to break your neck to check one out, in front of your wife, while holding your son, surrounded by people, YUP you’re going to get the cart ran over your ankles.
That started the ball rolling on the total amicable divorce. I helped him find a place in the town he works in. He moved out in February. My mom and I helped him get it settled in while he worked. On his days off he stayed at my house a few nights, we worked out the paperwork to submit to the paralegal. We were still getting intimate. Then I had to be in his town for work so my son and I stayed the night there. He was asleep next to me and here comes the text….”Love You” sent from her. I reply kindly from my phone with I love you too. I asked him the next day about it, he says wrong number. She ends up calling me just before we are about to eat dinner and it all comes out that they had been together since August, 7 months, the entire time I thought we were trying to “work at our marriage”. All I was, was a just a place to stay until she was able to move up from Las Vegas. She made monthly trips up here (400 miles) just to be with my worthless husband. The sad part is he says he stayed to have more time with our son but he was always working “overtime” or on a fishing or hunting trip, spent with her. If he would have just left in the beginning visitations would have given him all the time his schedule allowed. She was here for Valentine’s Day weekend. He was off for 6 days and spent 10 hours with his son. The rest was with her. He even created a fake timecard to show me. But I knew deep down what was happening……Oh DAMN your new car got keyed???? That’s SOOO messed up. What’s even more messed up is he took her to the Hycroft Christmas party! freakin scum
Supposedly she wasn’t relocating at the time when she found out we were still having sex; but my ex does have a great way of sweet talking and persuasion. And as I am writing this we just signed our divorce papers, they should be filed this week. On his first 2 nights with my son (tonight) the stupid W**** has brought her skanky ass up here. He is the scum of the earth. I warned her, she may get lucky and get a year or 2 out of him then he’ll leave her too. She left everyone for him and will have no one here in Winnemucca. The ones that will suffer will be my son who gets attached to her and her FOUR children who will do the same with my ex.
All I know is that I have to protect my son and show him multiple girlfriends/boyfriends are not a normal thing. The sad part is that the ex doesn’t think he did anything wrong and will never apologize. He is actually going around telling people that I was crazy and wouldn’t let him leave. Also telling me that I knew he was only there for our son. Please I have more dignity than that and the fact again is that he WASN’T there. He was with her! She says that I was showing my son a bad example, that no matter how much a man lies & cheats on a woman she is too stupid to leave, well she is showing her daughters that it’s ok to sleep with a married man for 7 months and have a key part in him leaving his family.
We had a huge amount of supporters whom he has alienated now including his own family; they are all on my side.

Yu Sang (Lorraine Sang) DC/New York

I met my husband about twenty years ago when we were both just came to this country. He comes from Greece and I am from Japan.
Back to that time, he was still a struggling student and I work full time on multiple jobs to support him. I worked non-stop for many years so he could finish his Ivy league study and afford living in New York. Later when his career went on track and became a rising star at finance, I gave up mine. I stayed home and became a housewife, a full time mom.
Before I knew the existence of the other woman, I thought I was the luckiest person in the world. My husband is brilliant, nice-looking and has a great career; my two kids are God sent angels to us. Until I learned the affair.
I never checked my husband’s phone or computer, and I believed that is the basic trust between a couple. But a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally found a camera disk at our house, at first I thought that were our family videos, but turned out, they are sex tapes between my husband and this Chinese women, Sang Yu.
I still remember that day, the day I watched all those videos. There are like almost a hundred. I felt my blood went cold and I was having a stroke. I thought to kill my husband, but then I realized my kids will become orphans. I confronted my husband, he told me he had been having an affair with this women for over a year.
He met this girl at a SM dating site, back to then Sang Yu still lived in ShangHai. This Chinese girl (she was only 21) claimed in her website profile that, she is still a virgin, but she would do anything to please a man, anything.
My husband goes to China frequently because of business. He went to Shanghai meet her a couple of times; they met in HongKong and Singapore sometime when he is doing business there; he even flew her to New York twice.
Last year Sang came to US and enrolled in a LLM program in Georgetown, and I don’t know how much my husband helped her for this. For the past few months they are together even more often. My husband went to DC many times, Sang came to New York visiting him. My husband took her with him on his business trips, a couple of weeks ago they went to London together. While all these happened, I was just staying at home, being an idiot housewife.
Sang knew my husband is married and have two kids from the very beginning, but I guess she doesn’t care. My husband is more like her sugardaddy, taking care all her money issues, buying her expensive gifts. I guess this is enough reason for this young lady to become a home-wrecker and destroy other people’s family.
I asked my husband, why her?
He said, because she would do anything to please him.
I guess, that is what I am lack of.