Chad L Jones and Michelle Brookshier

Chadwick Lee Jones invited his live in girlfriend’s (Shannon Leese) best friend ( Michelle L. Brookshier) to visit him in Las Vegas. His live in girlfriend of four years was scheduled for surgery and would be incapacitated for several days giving the Scum Bag several days to fuck around. So the characterless Jones, dropped Shannon off at the hospital didn’t even have the courtesy to walk in with her and was racing to The airport for the Alasja airlines jet carrying Michelle Brookshire from Bellingham a Washington . Chad spent the week showing her a good time like Chad always dies with frumpy middle aged married women. He made sure to whip out his undersized dick as often as possible and Michelle never had an issue servicing him. Meanwhile Chad’s loyal girlfriend Shannon is revivering from very invasive surgery.

After Shannon is brought home the low life scum bag even sneaks around in the early morning and fucks the whore Michelle Brookshier some more. Shannon gets wise and goes looking for Chad and finds him mid boink. The sad thing is that this isn’t the first time this douche of a man Chadwick Lee I Jones has cheated on her and it won’t be the last either . Anji K, Phillips , Sandy Harker, Meghan McDowell, Shannon Leese are a sampling of the married women this coward has slept with. He is to yellow to ask any attractive single women on a date do he exclusive pursues married frumpy women who are starved for attention,


This man is not a good man. He tells you all kinds of things including how he will take you to vegas and yet he is so dead broke. He likes long distance relationships so that u dont have to see the woman he leaves with. He is 37 years old by the way. He will lie about his age. If he breaks up with u, he will tell you that he has nothingto do with you that he has only seen you once or twice. U will be in for a rude shock if you date this guy.


Beware of this emotionally bizarre,31 year old man baby. He’s a liar, cheater, and a manipulator. Loves to flash his home, expensive car, and plane to the ladies. Always hanging out in your typical LA/OC club, bar, and lounges. Is all over social media.. twitter, IG, and facebook. Thinks he has game, but seriously needs to be put on check with that baby d*** of his.

Robert Trav Poloskey, serial cheater, liar, and emotional abuser

Robert “Trav” Poloskey has cheated on every woman he’s been involved with. His two ex-wives and every girlfriend since. In one instance, he cheated on the roommate of the woman he was dating. He lies ALL the time, blames all the relationship problems on the woman, and what he does accept responsibility for, he blames it on his non-existent Asperger’s Syndrome. He shows all the hallmarks for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He then broadcasts a smear campaign against the woman post-breakup on all major social networking sites as well as on his streaming radio program and podcast. Women beware! He will emotionally batter and drain you if you let him. Westland Michigan area.

Tabunfor Lamont Fusi

WOMEN BEWARE OF THIS MAN….his formal name is Tabunfor Lamont Fusi living at 1668 S Albany Ave, Chicago IL 60623.

I met Tabby L Fusi (born on 18JUN 1976) on yahoo personals in Feb 2008. I am a single mom whom my daughter was 9yrs old at the time. He claimed he had never been married and didn’t have kids. Throughout our relationship he mentally abused me, manipulated me and preyed on my health. He is African and he always told me that his parents were staying with him and I wasn’t allowed to meet them unless we were getting married. This year I found out he was married and he claimed that it was an arranged marriage that his parents talked him into doing and the two kids werent his. He even went as far as saying that one of the kids wasn’t even the wife’s and he would even provide me with documents of the arranged marriage and show me birth certificates… no avail. With my friends help we found the woman’s email address and I email her. She immediately called me and advised me that they are indeed married, for ten years with two kids. His son was three months when he met me and even made another baby with her on my time who just turned two in September. The wife found out about me via his email three years ago and they even attended couples counseling…..but she never contacted me. After finding out the truth three days later his brother Tallah called me and threatened me stating “I better stay away from their family or I’ll be sorry”.

Jesseca Reddell

Jesseca Reddell had an affair with a married man who has a young child. She had the audacity to write the wife a text blaming her for the affair and acting like she didn’t bare much, if any, of the blame for her actions. She does not think boundaries pertain to her and that she doesn’t bare any responsibility for breaking up an family.

Well, if she will not take responsibility for her actions, perhaps the internet should hold her responsible for causing untold pain and heartache to the wife and daughter. She is unkind, unsympathetic and totally remorseless.

In addition, her parents knew she was sleeping with a married man in their home and allowed it to happen with their minor children under their roof. It is really alarming that they allowed such disgraceful behavior to take place in their home with minors around.