Jeff Lavey – Sex Addict and Sociopath

Jeff Lavey told me about these “cheater” sites and blamed me for what others wrote about him. While others have chosen to post about Jeff for their own reasons, I am posting because Jeff specifically told me to. Of course, he was trying to manipulate me into posting untruths, but I am incapable of doing that.

Emotional intimacy and communication were never Jeff’s long suits but I came to discover that the mask of decency he had carefully crafted was eroding. The Jeff that was underneath can only be described as a sociopath and sex addict. It is terribly painful to watch someone you love and thought you knew disintegrate into sex addiction. I loved him, stood by him, tried to help him, to no avail. He put me through two years of outrageous lies and endless discoveries of his betrayal.

I learned that Jeff had been frequenting strip clubs his entire adult life (not for the 6 months he admitted in his “confession” letter to family and friends, written to shut me up). Jeff had been “befriending” strippers; he dated them, wined and dined them, gave them gifts, rented hotel rooms with them, phoned, emailed and texted them frequently. I learned that he used internet porn (website Tube8 was a nightly occurrence on his laptop history), owned 15 porn DVD’s, had condoms and used Tadalista for his chronic erectile dysfunction (a common symptom of sex addiction) though he told me he was impotent. He re-devoted himself to me post-discovery and then broke every one of the boundaries for a healthy relationship, repeatedly lying and going to strip clubs again. He is incapable of feeling remorse or guilt. He values nothing but his own immediate gratification. I was surprised that this came as no surprise to his ex-wife and eldest son.

Jeff presents himself as such a nice, responsible guy but he has all the traits of a sociopath and sex addict; he took sex addict and sociopath questionnaires and scored very high on both. He is a master manipulator and a quick and easy liar. He did such a good job fooling everyone and continues to do so. It was devastating to discover how sick he is. I spoke with many of his strippers (River, Lovely, Jade, Summer, Wild Cherry, Nina, Pastry Cakez, etc) and they had a lot to say about him – so different than the Jeff he shows to respectable people in his life. Jeff called Summer his “chocolate pie” and he was her “vanilla pudding.” Jeff tried to lessen the degree of his betrayal by telling me his strip club buddy was “way worse than I ever was,” and went on to throw his best friend under the bus! (Their trips to the beach are filled with stripper stories, Annie’s in Astoria being their frequent strip club hangout).

I now know that he has cheated on me throughout our 15 year relationship. He will tell you that I am vengeful and nothing more than a woman scorned. I am not at all vengeful but he surely scorned me. The only thing greater than my love for the man he had pretended to be for 15 years was Jeff’s accelerating sex addicted behavior with strippers and on dating sites. He made dates with 5 women in 6 days on He dated one twice; his emails to her were very flirtatious and admiring yet he told me she was ugly and “some kind of a gimp” (she had a limp). Jeff’s truth is entirely dependent on to whom he is speaking.

These days you will probably see him cruising alone in a bar or at music events in Portland. These days he targets below average looking women. He is a master at seeming unassuming and decent but he is neither; he is a predator. He is quick with the charm, flattery and very generous, but those are just a means to his end. He will spend money on you then throw it in your face. My counselor is convinced he is a sociopath and does not respect women, or anyone else. I have seen this in Jeff. He has only gotten worse with age. Nothing grows in his heart and his soul is empty.

My advice to any woman that Jeff Lavey pursues is to RUN! He is not what he seems. You will never know what he is up to behind your back. He has no intention of ever getting the help he sorely needs. He will never be faithful or honest. Jeff needs to have many women on the string to keep from being bored as he is emotionally deficient and narcissistic. I have proof of everything I have said; Jeff gave me his phone records, personal general ledger and emails. He knows the truth yet he refutes it to others and disparages me. Don’t say you weren’t warned. If the first few women Bill Cosby had harmed had come forward at the time many other women would have been spared. My conscience is now clear.

Kristy Perkins

I briefly dated Kristy last year after being introduced through a mutual friend. On the surface, she appears to be a great catch. She is attractive, has a good job (counselor in the MA Dept of Corrections), and seems fun. But after a couple of dates, be prepared to post your every movement with her on Facebook. And if you have kids, it does not matter to her. She demands your undivided attention. And, if you don’t respond to her immediately because you are busy with your kids, she will go crazy and blow up your phone, making accusations.

Initially, she pressured me to friend her on Facebook. She had a weird obsession with this. I explained to her that I liked to wait a little while before I broadcast my dating life to the world. I didn’t want to, but I did it because in her eyes, it meant I was showing I had nothing to hide.

On our next date, she nagged me incessantly to post that I was with her at dinner on Facebook. I was again vocal about being reserved about this, but she was obsessed and then accused me of having something to hide. So to make her happy, I posted I was out to dinner and tagged her in it. Within 20 minutes, one of her ex-boyfriends referred to me in a comment as her “flavor of the week” in front of my friends and family. She was quick to dismiss it, because she got what she wanted.

After this date and her obsession with Facebook, I was completely turned off. When I tried dropping her off, she kept trying to put her hand down my pants and I pushed her hand away. She was obviously pissed off that I was not interested in getting laid and because she couldn’t handle the rejection, she turned around and slandered me on various sites (using my name, town and pictures) being so childish as to call me a mental case and saying I needed Viagra. Apparently, she doesn’t realize that despite being attractive, her complete immaturity and utter stupidity turned me off so much, that it didn’t matter at that point if she was the hottest girl in the world. I had zero interest in being with her.

I tried to be a mature adult about it, but apparently, she wasn’t capable of the same. I said I wanted to remain friends as we did have mutual friends, but she wasn’t satisfied with that. When she tried contacting me after our last date, I told her my father was in the hospital and she replied, “Too bad your father is paying the price for your karma.” But then she just continued it, emailing a friend on Facebook and posting my name, pictures, and personal information on the Internet calling me a psychopath. I tried calling her yet again to apologize that things didn’t work out and asked that she remove it. She refused and when I told her I would call a lawyer if she didn’t, she said, “Too bad” and tried intimidating me by saying “This I pale in comparison to what I will do next.” The texts below speak for themselves, and this barely scratches the surface of her craziness.

So to say the least, unless you want your entire life exposed on the Internet, have false accusations made against you, and have your friends harassed, I would STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE from Kristy Lee Perkins. There is only one way to describe her: a complete train wreck.

James aka Jim Foggarty

This man is disgusting, claims he’s divorced when I’m pretty sure that he had another child with his so called ex wife Vicky in 2012 (only recently found out about it), he’s told me different things about his “ex” that she’s abusive, he only married her because she was pregnant with his kid, he claims she attacked him one particular time and he shoved her off and broke her collar bone, there’s other things but I’ll leave those until another time.

From Caerphilly, Wales, UK. It’s his kids I feel sorry for, the amount of times he’s let them down without battering an eyelid, apparently one of his kids even asked if he still loved him! He’s been into trouble with the police and claims he’s only told me and his parents about the things he’s been in trouble for. Last year his moods get worse, he acts more and more weird until September 2013 when he ignored me for two months for no reason, he then contacts me in the November and accuses me of saying and doing things that I haven’t.

I’m pretty sure if I had then I’d know and I’d admit to it. Then he disappears for two weeks with the excuse he’s having problems mentally, I send him a parcel to cheer him up, like an idiot, there was nothing expensive in there as I don’t have the money but I never heard from him again. I hear that he’s all over his so called “ex” again LOL. Well all I can say is more fool her for letting him walk all over her, he lives with his parents and dumps her with the kids. Talk about having your cake and eating it. This guy is a borderline narcissist.

Tom Ryan

I’m posting link to his other cheaters report listing him in New Hampshire, he’s now on as Sunriseeyes08 saying he’s a fire fighter from Reading MA. Everything the other 2 girls wrote there is true.

Girls beware, I called him out on it via text saying I saw the report and if he’s lying about where he lives that he obviously knows that the report is out there, I said “You’re not that intriguing and I’m certainly not desperate…never have been…never will be”, I said no need to reply and he texts me to bad mouth the girl…lol He’s completely ridiculous!!! I didn’t even bother to reply…he’s not worth it :)

Sandra Brown, MA

Sandra Brown , MA is a PAGAN. She is best friends with Laura Knight-Jadczyk a pagan who channels aliens on a Ouija Board and has a cult that Sandra is a member of. Sandra Brown MA’s “personal assistant” Betsy Ashby is also a PAGAN.

Brown is sold bold about her affiliation with PAGANS that she posts under her own name. Christians- BEWARE! Sandra Brown MA is a devil worshipper wearing the mantle of a good Christian. DO NOT BUY HER BOOKS! DO NOT USE HER SERVICES! SHE IS A PAGAN!

Jennifer Constance Davaney

Jennifer has had several affairs in most of her relationships, usually with a boss or coworker. She has been caught cheating with Ardmore, OK Hyundai dealerships general manager and her previous employer Sam Atencio who has also had numerous affairs including one in which he was arrested for DUI with the other woman in the vehicle.

She has left her children home in the care of her 17 year old daughter to go to bars and visit men, including two men whom she got drunk with and wrecked a telephone pole with. These are not unfounded claims and accusations can be proved.