Antwon D Hobbs/ Casper/ Twon

Ladies I bout ta tell something that I hope u listen to cuz I jst got finish darting a dude name Twon but he goes by da name Casper n he lied ta me bout being married n den lied ta me bout having kids plus he lied too me about our whole relationship n we suppose ta been together since May of last year den lied too his wife about me n we was suppose too be friends but we was still sleeping together n he wanted too bring her too my house n ta stay wit me nd he cheated o her with another chick other then me den want to ask me for money all the time saying u suppose ta go to work well right now he’s not working so don’t fall for dat n how he single but his bm is black mailing h ta merry her so she won’t file don’t fall for dat or I need some money too get my scripts aka some medications don’t fall for that either n he also stolen some of my bank cards and took all the money off and never returned them and he took my tablet and he looks like this and thank you
Thank You

Bria Fife

Bria Fife is a cheater she cheated on her boyfriend and in the process caught an STD. Bria slept with her boyfriends best friend after he told her a bunch of bs. She didn’t check to verify the information she just ran with it. Bria has slept with more than one person during the relationship she is a slut.

Jodie Refalo

Jodie Van Ravenstein was never sexually abused. She may have been under her real name of Jodie Refalo. This comes from a woman who accused her step father of molesting her. She had made sexual advances to her step father, who asked her on several occasions to stop as her action were inappropriate. She used to expose herself to to any male figure. She threatened him that if he would not give her money she would get him into trouble. He dismissed her comments and didn’t think anything would come of it. He was wrong. Even though her mother cheated non her husband Joseph; she did not think Jodie to be so vindictive. He never went to jail because he was an innocent man. He had to move away because she had him threatened all the time. Jodie was trying to get money as a victim. This is a black widow of a woman. Sound far fetched, but wait there is more below. “Always follow the money”

Jodie Refalo has been known to make up fantastic stories. One was that her boyfriend had bashed her whilst pregnant and she lost the little bastard child at 23 weeks. Who knows who kids this was as Jodie was known as the town bike. She slept with virtually every guy at McDonalds and the night club that she went too.

But lets say it was her boyfriend that did bash her and she lost the kid. Well she replaced the bastard child with another child Christie-lee Smith to the SAME guy. How would she feel knowing that she was a replacement child. So if this was true and your boyfriend bashed you, why would you have another kid with the same guy. Because she didn’t want to work and just wanted the child support money. “Keep following the money”

So as life goes on, she is in and out of many beds and finally get married to some rich guy from Melbourne. She moves to Melbourne and promises Christie-lee father that he can still her and she will send the kid to Sydney every month. This lasted a few months and she asks for more money or she will not sed his daughter. He organised plane tickets and she refused to send his daughter. This guy spend $40k trying to get his daughter but she married this rich guy, told him the lies and he financed the court costs. Christie-lee father could not afford it anymore and so he just had to lay down and give up. So she gets more child support and keeps working. She alienated the child from the father and laughing all the way to the bank. A few years later she can’t handle the bastard child and begs her father to take her before she abuses her daughter even more. Father take child for 2 years and sets her on the straight and narrow. She come back to be with rich Daddy.

Jodie’s new husband is a good looking guy and I bet his friends and family probably thought, what the f*** is he doing with her. The only reason would be because she had to be good in bed. Though with her experience, I bet she was. He took her from Mt Druitt in Sydney west to Knoxville in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. She saw the $$$ signs, married him had 3 children, not sure if they are his. They have about 6 properties worth $$mil. Everything going fantastic. Tells everyone that that his is an amazing husband and father and that GOD had sent him to her.

Ten years down the line of this happy marriage, she gets caught sleeping around again, though this time to some grandpa. She goes from a successful business man to a baggage handler Kirk Kotziagianis of Altona Meadows. What a catch he is. He is fat and major ugly, smells bad with BO. Has no money and a big mortgage. This guy bashed his wife so many times that eventually she left him. So Jodie Refalo hooks up with him and together they plot to screw over her husband to get at HIS money. Remember “Follow the money trail” Comes up with a story that she doesn’t love him any more. Then says she never loved him. Because her husband didn’t know she has been cheating on him for months. I bet he was devastated. He gets kicked out of the house cause she calls the police. She said that he pointed the gun at her and said he was going to kill her and then himself. He gets arrested and spent the night in gaol. Eventually they go to Ringwood court late January 2014 with 30+ other accusations of family violence are thrown out. Still unbelievable, check out the court documents if you don’t believe. The husband has a recording of the tapes and they are on a link so you can listen to them. Just look for “Jodie Refalo court recording” on google.

Then she keeps the kids away from him and brainwashes them. Telling the kids that their father is a bad man. He abandoned them, doesn’t love them, bashes mommy all the time. She tells them that Kirk loves them and he s a good father. First she keeps the kids away from him. Tries to have him put in prison so many times, though does not succeed. This poor guy has not seen his kids for months and is dragged from one court room to the next. Now you still following the money trail. Well Jodie Refalo not only trying to screw her husband out of everything he has worked for. But she also has been defrauding Centrelink. Since 2007. She had been getting approximately $26,000 per year from centrelink on a SINGLE mothers pension. She falsified documents, providing false evidence and saying that she had a PRIVATE agreement with the husband. So not only was he looking after her, as they lived together as husband and wife until early September 2013, but she had also was screwing the tax payer. Still following the money.

So with all the lies and deceit, this black widow will do it again. She is already telling people that she is going to get everything, including the kids. But now she has her sights set on Kirk’s money too. She thinks he is rich, but the only thing he has really got going for himself, is his SuperAnnuation. She knows that if she spends a couple of days a week with him at his house, she can stake a claim on his superfund. He may think the sex is great, but like her former husband, he will realise that a prostitute will be cheaper. Every man in this woman life has been destroyed. The husband is due to go to Family Court soon. We wish him luck.

Thaddis Steve Ingram

This person pretends initially to be a sweet country boy whose ready to get married. He is a serial cheater, and violent, has three daughters by his ex-wife who he cheated on numerous times, and had the fourth daughter by another woman while they were still married (These are words from his own mouth.). He secretly hates women because he had a terrible childhood growing up in poverty in Perry, FL., with an abusive and neglectful father. He will share with you stories about his mother’s poor hygiene, and how she can’t cook, and clean. He even went so far to say she was never legally married to his father, and she was considered loose sexually, and that his father never wanted her, but knock her up while still married to a woman in New York. I don’t even want to repeat in detail some of the things he said about his mother. This should have been a red flag for me then, but I found myself feeling sorry for him, and embarrassed at the same time. I have never heard anyone speak so vile of their own mother. Please note he has a strange relationship with his mother, although he seems to dislike and resent her, he still looks after her or that’s what his says (She’s in a nursing home due to a stroke, but was staying with him before the stroke.) If you have just met him, he will quickly try to get you in a relationship with him, and constantly talk about you two getting married, and living together from the very beginning. He doesn’t allow you to get to know him like sensible people do. He once told me a story about him punching his wife several times in the stomach for cheating on him—at the time he made it seem like he was desperately trying to save their marriage, but she wouldn’t stop seeing this other guy. Another red flag I ignored (I know I’m stupid.) . He also told me about another time he tried to push his youngest daughter’s mother out of his truck while he was going full speed down an highway, but I stupidly thought he was kidding because he said he found out she was a lesbian. Again, please don’t be fooled if he starts telling you he’s very tired from being an electrician, and he goes to sleep early because he works so hard—he’s spending time with another woman, but steady accusing you of cheating on him—self-reflection. I broke up with him, and refused to be in a relationship because I no longer trusted him when he tried to hand me another woman’s underwear, that he assumed was mine. He kept insisting the underwear were mine—now ladies we all know what our underwear look like, and what made it so bad the underwear wasn’t even my size. I started to distant myself, and date others again. He kept calling me, and I told him we could be friends, long story short—I started back seeing him, and one night at his home, we’re having fun conversation, drinks, and food—I deci ded to check his phone while he was taking a shower, and discovered several text messages to different women talking about sex, and pics of him on a night on the town with another woman. I confronted him, and told him never to call me again, I started gathering my things to leave, and next thing I know I was dragged down the stairs by my feet, and thrown out the house without my purse, keys, shoes or phone. I sit outside in shock, about 30 minutes later I think he realized what he had did, and open the door, and gave me my stuff, except for my phone. He was afraid I would call the police so he called them 1st, but I couldn’t call because I didn’t have my phone. When the police arrived they had to retrieve my phone. I didn’t have any visible bruises at the time so they said they didn’t have a probable cause to arrest him, but one of the officers told me he believed he dragged me down the stairs because he could see how shaken I was, he advised me to go take out an arrest warrant with the Municipal court, which I did. I discovered he had fractured my left rib when I had to go to the doctor because of the extreme pain I was feeling, and I also had a contusion on my thigh. Please be warned ladies—he likes to frequent POF, and possibly other dating websites. You have been warned!!!! His Description, he’s 6’2″, light brown skinned, huge thick lips, he’s 43 yrs old, wears a bald head because his hair has receded. Drives a white pick-up truck (GMC I think.). He lives in Morrow, Ga, but owns a raggedy house in Conley, Ga also. He’s also very cheap, and constantly talks about money problems, and he always complaining about being sick from something. I believe he suffers from borderline personality disorder, and narcissism personality disorder.

Daniel (Dan) White

Ladies on dating websites beware! Latest sites are and He usually lists his screen name as whitdal or whitdan or winrunner. This man works as
“intelligence” and considers himself Superior and a Master Manipulator. He keeps a very low key persona and tries to appear as a humble and honest man. FAR from it, I have been the last in a very longgggg line of women who have trusted this mentally and abusive man who has literally destroyed many womens lives. Dan White, Daniel White, A&I Enterprise Systems.

Michael Peters Culver City, CA

Shared home with babymomma and their 3 kids for 20 years
meanwhile staying with other woman for 5 years every single weekend
made up huge story about double lives
told other woman kids were with grandparents/babysitter, single dad and mom beats kids
told babymomma he was flying to san fransisco for work every weekend
BEWARE he may be your tour guide at the FOX LOT, he works security and tours

Lee Krinzman

Lee is a truly horrible person. He works at the American Public Power Association in Washington, DC and lives in Sterling, VA. We dated for a year after he “broke up” with his former girlfriend. We were moving in together and talking about marriage when I found out that he was living a double life. He had never broken up with his girlfriend of 6 years and had just proposed to her (with a ring he had shown to me!). He denied everything when I confronted him and then created fake email accounts and hacked into our facebook accounts to try to cover up his indiscretions.

He comes off as the incredibly sweet and doting boyfriend, but clearly has no remorse for faking a “monogamous relationship” with multiple girls at the same time. I never could have imagined him being capable of living a double life. He is truly a sociopath and dangerously unpredictable.