Bill Riley Salem, MA PD

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Chad L Jones and Michelle Brookshier

Chadwick Lee Jones invited his live in girlfriend’s (Shannon Leese) best friend ( Michelle L. Brookshier) to visit him in Las Vegas. His live in girlfriend of four years was scheduled for surgery and would be incapacitated for several days giving the Scum Bag several days to fuck around. So the characterless Jones, dropped Shannon off at the hospital didn’t even have the courtesy to walk in with her and was racing to The airport for the Alasja airlines jet carrying Michelle Brookshire from Bellingham a Washington . Chad spent the week showing her a good time like Chad always dies with frumpy middle aged married women. He made sure to whip out his undersized dick as often as possible and Michelle never had an issue servicing him. Meanwhile Chad’s loyal girlfriend Shannon is revivering from very invasive surgery.

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This man is not a good man. He tells you all kinds of things including how he will take you to vegas and yet he is so dead broke. He likes long distance relationships so that u dont have to see the woman he leaves with. He is 37 years old by the way. He will lie about his age. If he breaks up with u, he will tell you that he has nothingto do with you that he has only seen you once or twice. U will be in for a rude shock if you date this guy.