keith morrison

as a married man he was sexually addicted to pornography and admittedly met hookers, girlfriends, anyone bascially who he could including my sons best friends mother (twins)….He was also caught on video with a girl who was 20 years younger by the PI I hired to follow him…Mr. Morrison also had 350,000 under his own name in a seperate bank account that I luckily got my name put onto to once discovered. Mr. Keith Morrison is a 54 year old man who has been cheating for the past several years and once a cheater always a cheater…admitted himself to having facebook affairs with his middle school girlfriend as well traveling from Florida on work/business and having a fling for a year or more while visiting her in Dallas amoung other women he had sex with during that year and a half period…Unbelievably went to six months of sexual rehab courses!

rawley Harold Colemon

Rawley Harold Coleman is a liar and cheater. He. Pretends to be a christian but is a devil. He uses his daughter to attract women. He have no problems. Spending his money on you but there are many more women he is doing the same thing with. He meets women on dating sites’ and sends pictures of his house in McDonough Georgia and uses the marine corp to make you think he is a honorable person. Do not trust him’ run, girl run.

Dave Mark (Waikiki-Honolulu, Hawaii)

Dave Mark: 37 yrs old, caucasian, black hair, brown/multicolored eyes, 5’7″, 165 lbs, hairy arms & chest. Lives in waikiki, works in downtown honolulu. Serial Liar & Cheater, preys on tourists, foreign students, unsuspecting locals. Member of sex website (handle name – exoticencounter1). Has STD, lied to long-term girlfriend about cheating and infected her with HPV. She had surgery for cervical cancer and will never be able to have kids because of him. Kept lying and cheating on girlfriend even after her sugery. Ladies beware, he will act extremely charming and seem nice but will say and do anything to have sex with you. He will be very convincing and deny everything if you try to confront him. DO NOT be fooled, he is an expert at manipulation, has no conscience, shows no remorse. He believes he is never wrong and will not apologize. Stay far away.

Derrick M. Rancifer

This man is the definition of a wh**e! He will have sexual encounters (orally) with anyone when he is in a relationship and not know them good and he lies about himself. He will tell you he is one way but in reality he is a horrible lying dog. He has lied to me about his whole life and doesn’t know what he wants in life. He is 57 years old but when you ask him he doesn’t want to tell you at all. He dates minors without asking their age. He is paranoid and thinks the world is against him. He twist words and gets everything wrong. He acts like he has so much class when he is a cheap disrespectful lying dog. He lives in Chicago in bronzeville. He is a cheap male wh**e who is a old dirty b*****d and probably has STDs !!!!! Stay far away from this liar because he is bad news !!!

Sandra Marie Diverdi Miller

Sandra Marie Diverdi Miller from Princeton, MA is a home wrecking whore. She’s been after my fiancé for the past 5 yrs.. disguising her obsession as friendship.. Even knowing about our struggles with a newly diagnosed autistic child, she continued to pursue him. She’s is disgusting and the epitome of selfish.. Here’s a picture of her.. Karma’s a bitch.

Tammy Neal

She used to be Tammy Brown (lives in Gause Texas- near Milano and Hearne), she was married to Arthur Neal and still sleeps with him from time to time even though he is remarried to a great girl! (she is not crazy like Tammy) Tammy claims to be the sweetest and most caring individual and she will do what she can to win people over but beware because she is NOT faithful or true to anyone. She spreads lies and rumors about her so called best friends and even talks nasty about her own mother, brother, his spouse and all of her family! She spreads diseases as fast as she spreads her own legs! She slept with my husband who is no longer my husband and gave him 2 different diseases one he will live with the rest of his miserable life! Just a warning this Happy little country girl that she tries to portray is happily spreading herpes to any one under the age of 70! She owns the house she lives in because she slept with the OLD man that owned it and left it to her. She has NO moral conscious at all!!! She slept with many husbands from what I am now learning! Ruth Davenport is a sweet woman and also a teacher, Tammy continues to sleep with her husband. There are 2 others I know of but do not know there names. My husband and I left the state to try to get rid of this crazy person. She tracked us down and still continued to try to make our lives miserable! She is relentless and will not STOP! Karma and God will get her one day and that is my only salvation! Just be aware that this girl has no morals. She is deceitful and comes off as such a great person but there is NOT one thing great about her personally~