Jay Lawson – Sanensincere

Jay Lawson formerly of Yellow Book in Colorado Springs and now with Quality Control Magazine in the NW Denver metro area…married to Patricia Lawson, (Trisha), poor thing, living at 2196 W.116th Avenue in Westminster, CO at 303-469-3552. His cell is 720-683-9464. He has been messing around for at least 5 years now, gets on dating sites as “sanensincere” and was last listing his age as 58 on Plenty of Fish although he is really 61. He most recently had a profile on OyOy but it was pulled, after being reported. He indicates that he likes golf, kissing, flirting, talking, summer, the ocean etc. in search of a woman to talk to…has also stated from time to time over the past few years tha he is in a loveless, boring, sexless marriage. This guy is a total sleaze, and he needs to be stopped before he hurts more women, especially his sweet wife Trisha.

Unrepentant cheating wife – ROSEMARY OBUDULU

Cheating wife and serial adulterer Rosemary Ogonnaya Obudulu (Nee Nwankwo) MD a nigerian physician in Houston Texas recently confessed to having sex with her coworker, atlanta based dr ovie ughwanogho ,also a Nigerian, for over three years in his house and his brother’s house. dr ughwanogho is affiliated with South Fulton Medical Center and Southern Regional Medical Center. His office is at 1413 Cleveland Avenue Atlanta, GA 30344. Phone: (404) 768-2669 His home address is 281 Sunderland Way, Stockbridge, GA 30281 and his home phone number is 770-703-6661 Please wish them a wonderful future together. Three videos on youtube. See youtube playlist below or just search for rosemary obudulu


Demi Willson

Even though this girl comes from a very “important family” she’s nothing but a low life scum living off her family’s money while ruining the lives of the people around her. There are so many things that I could say that will make you know what a disgusting person she is.. Lets start with the lie she loves to tell people, being that she has only had 7 sexual partners… How could that even make sense when shes had more abortions than the amount of men shes clammed to have seduced? On 2 separate occasions she’s fakes pregnancy and asked the men to pay for her abortion.. and then took the money to go dress shopping at Nordstrom. Now Demi is married to some german guy who sadly thinks she’s been faithful in their marriage… i would be surprised if that child was even his, she’s a master at playing people against each other. The sad fact that she believes that she is actually the sexiest person in the world.. but lets be real she’s there plainest person i have ever met, the only people who are interested in her is National Geographic for the size of her loose p*ssy.


Kimberly Sue Arnold is Evil

Since it is very hard to source this exact person online due to her web-habits/skills I will attest that her name is Kimberly Sue Arnold, daughter of Brenda and Dean Arnold. From

I spent 8 yrs trying to make this woman happy. Took her from Henderson(nowhere) Texas to a bigger city (Tyler,Tx), saved her from countless blunders of her own ignorance, busted my A$$ working several jobs to support her and her lifestyle. All the while I did it happily under the misconception that she was loyal and happy with me.

Well when it came time in our relationship that she got pregnant she freaked out being a child herself in essence. She broke down in tears and whats a guy to do? I told her the only thing that didn’t make me seem like a monster… I told her that I would support her in whatever she decided as long as we could have a family one day.. me being a foster child she had always known that one day I wanted to be a father… She happily agreed and she scheduled an abortion that I was to pay for on my birthday…yes… on my birthday.

Two months after the abortion my mother died, which she was too caught up in depression to help me deal with.. which in retrospect was fine I guess..

A few months after that I got laid up with severe kidney stones and was unable to work. She and I had just worked to get a car and I thought she could help out with bills until I passed the kidney stones and could get back to work.. well instead she decided to leave me… take 80% of our things and she took the car..

Now I am left in a town I dont want to be in, with people who I dont like, with a cat that represents the child I would’ve had but was aborted instead…

and you know what the kicker was? She left me for a guy she had been sleeping with the whole time… I guess I’m just the chump of the year.. … hey maybe it was his kid she murdered and not mine…


Adam Russell Pratt

Adam Pratt facebook/adam.r.pratt Adam was a horrible husband, a worse father, an internet porn addict, psychically and emotionally abusive even with restraining orders and supervised visits the man continues to attempt to abuse me and new exes who find out the truth. He is obsessed with female periods. And being a “breeder” He has girls all over the world some who even admit they are underage. When we find out the truth he slander our names and personal pictures and stories (he spins) to god knows what on the internet. His own parents Jill and Russ of Averill Park support the lying and abusing girls some they know are underage (Their justification is “He will never meet them”) imagine having children who were exposed to these monsters? His sister Katie participates in the games as well. Just stay away from this man especially if you are a single mother. He is dangerous and its not worth giving him a chance to find out what you will and others do as he is mentally unstable (would be forgivable if not a narcissist on top of it all) your children are not safe. He lives in a filthy room. You were warned, nobody should have to go through what I have. He moves around Troy/Kingston/Albany Area


Bryan (Rick) Inman

I am writing to warn other women about this guy. Don’t be fooled by his good looks and smooth talking –this man is a serial cheater and sexual predator. I first met him on in 2008. His user name was armymaninva50 and he claimed he was divorces and new to the area. We chatted online and by phone and had made arrangements to meet when he suddenly disappeared from the site and stopped responding to messages.

He showed up in 2013 on Plenty of Fish around Christmas time with the user name SCGC1980 and saying his name was Bryan. He sent me a flirt and we chatted on and off for about 2-3 weeks before we started looking for a time/place to meet. He said while there had not been anyone special in his life for a long time, he realized he needed more than just work to have a fulfilling life.

He sent me some additional photos and one of them was the profile pic he used on With the additional photos, I was pretty sure he went to the gym I use and that he had a girlfriend who lived in my neighborhood. I asked one her neighbors about him and they said that he pretty much lived with his girlfriend and her daughter since they had moved into their townhouse in 2007.

I went home and printed out his PoF profile and some of the messages he had sent to me and put them in an envelope and taped them to his girlfriends from door. I didn’t bother to tell him I figured out he was a two-timing creep because I figured she’d kick his ass to hell and back.

Shortly after Christmas I got a POF message from him confessing that his real name was Rick Inman and he had a girlfriend and that he had been using PoF to meet and sleep with numerous women and was sorry for what he had been doing. He also gave links to other sex hook up sites that he frequented. I don’t remember the names but they had nude pics of him. Gross!!!!

Now he’s on as SCGCK1980 using the same profile pic along with some photos from his daughter’s wedding. I feel sorry for her that she has a father who treats women so poorly. He sent me a flirt and a message to chat . He doesn’t even remember that we’ve met online twice before!!

I walked by his girlfriend’s house several times in the last week when I walk my dog before work and right before going to bed and his Jeep there!!! I’m not sure whether or not I feel sorry for her or if I am going to bother to let her know she’s living with a scumbag. She should have dumped him back in 2013.


SHANNON HEGARTY- Jacksonville Beach, FL

Beware of this Australian rugby player turned personal trainer/gym owner in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He lures in women with his exotic good looks, the Aussie accent & his smooth talk of intense love. He is actually a menace to women everywhere!

For over 30 yrs, this monster has used women to serve his every need, from sex to love to drugs to money. He is an equal opportunity predator and loves single mothers and very young girls.

After abandoning a young daughter in Australia & sleeping with that country’s general population, he hopped a plane to the USA. Here he married a young woman, before his visa expired, then promptly dumped her.

He lived with my friend & her children for 3 years. She helped him kick his drug & alcohol habit, supported him financially, and helped him build a business. He caused her to lose over $200k in alimony because he was too lazy to get his own residence. Without any explanation or warning, he left them in the dust, moving on to a teenaged client.

THIS MAN IS A PREDATOR!! YOU CANNOT CHANGE HIM BUT HE WILL CHANGE YOU FOREVER! His favorite quote is “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.”


Chad Radeff will lie about anything to get what he wants. He’ll even lie about lying. He uses women, he’s been cheating on his current gf nearly the entire time they’ve been together with his ex-girlfriend. He has no remorse for hurting people or treating them like dirt. Stay away from this low-life excuse for a man. Believe that he will take all he can, as well as emotionally rape you. You’ll be left with little to no self-esteem. While telling you he loves you to your face, he’ll be going behind your back devaluing you to everyone he knows, including his family. This will also be his chance to find a new victim by talking about how terrible you are to him. When he tells you he is sleeping at his parents house – he’s surely with someone else 90% of the time.